What an eventful November!

Dr. Thomas PorterAt the River Conference at Bucknell University, where the West Branch meets the Main stem, we were privileged to hear Mohawk spiritual leader Dr. Thomas Porter speak on the Spirit of Two Rivers, the Delaware and the Susquehanna.

A few days later, on our way up north to see Pat Tice, curator of the Susan Greene collection at the Genesee Country Village & Museum, we found a roadside stop curated by New York State Parks on the peril of our monarch butterflies. They are actually waiting to mow milkweed until after the monarchs have fed, laid their eggs, hatched and spun themselves into their cocoons.

quilted silk petticoatThe Susan Greene collection is a marvel, particularly in calicos. And exquisite pieces like this quilted silk petticoat at left, analogous to one we saw at the History Museum of Tompkins County.

We then travelled on to Ganondagon at the end of the day, to drop off Linen Shroud for Pete Jemison, his wife Jeannette Miller and the extraordinary new building.

The next night, at The Rockwell Museum we attended the opening of the new Haudenosaunee Gallery, Destiny saw Peter Jemison again and Jennette, with whom she was able to exchange information about their white corn project.

The Allegheny River Dancers with Bill Crouse appeared, with Crouse reciting a shortened version of the Thanksgiving Address in both English and Seneca. Food was extraordinary, with a combo of blueberries, venison and white corn.

The art in the new gallery is exceptionally good, of particular note was a cradle basket and a modern painting by Peter Jemison.

One of those events where so many things and people come together for an unforgettable experience.

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