Why are Climate Beneficial Textiles important?

Climate Beneficial textiles are fabrics produced in such a way that benefits our ecosystem in harmonious ways. It is important for us to examine the newly rediscovered procedures for boosting textile manufacturing that improves the shift of extracting the carbon … Read More

What an eventful November!

At the River Conference at Bucknell University, where the West Branch meets the Main stem, we were privileged to hear Mohawk spiritual leader Dr. Thomas Porter speak on the Spirit of Two Rivers, the Delaware and the Susquehanna. A few … Read More

Thistle Hill Weavers

Hello,We are still digesting all the information that Rabbit Goody (Thistle Hill Weavers) fed us on our visit the day before yesterday.The most riveting information is confirmation of a strong intuition I have had all along without any substantive proof:It … Read More

1770 Linen Woven from Flax

This linen piece came out of the archives of Tioga Point Museum (in Athens, PA) located at the confluence of the two main branches of the Susquehanna watershed, right before they join and head south to Chesapeake Bay. We have … Read More